Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Reason

Do you know how many times we've all said or heard the words "everything happens for a reason."  Do you believe it?

My dearest friend lost two babies in less than six months, and do you know what I said to her?  "It'll be ok, everything happens for a reason."  It wasn't ok, her and her husband were in so much pain.  But I still believed that there was a reason for what happened.  People lose their jobs, their homes, their spouses, and though it may be difficult to understand at times, it's all a part of a plan.  There is a reason for everything.

There is a reason my plans in life changed so drastically right out of high school.  I went to college with the dream of being a famous composer.  At one point, I even filled out an application to transfer to a music college on the East coast, but changed my mind.  Why did I do that?  I could have had the chance of watching my dream come true if I would have just had the courage to venture out there.  You realize though, had I gone, I wouldn't be here, and neither would Sam....and there's a reason for that.

There have been several times in our marriage where we've been struck by something so beautiful, it just cannot be explained.  For instance, the edge of our property is on a huge hill, and it's probably one of the highest points for miles around.  We sometimes drive our four-wheeler up there just to look at the world around us.  Once, Kevin said "look at that, that didn't just happen."  There is no way you'll convince that man or myself for that matter, that the earth is the result of some fancy impact.  Could you stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon, look into it, and believe there wasn't an upper hand in the molding of that landmark?  Do you ever sit and enjoy a sunset, listening to the sounds of the night coming alive around you, and not wonder at the amazement around you?

Go look out the window - the trees, flowers, the sky above....they didn't just happen.  Go look in a mirror, you didn't just happen.  If you're a parent, go take a peek at your sleeping child know what I'm going to say....they didn't just happen.  Everyone and everything happens for a reason, a good reason.

I believe in the very core of who I am that Sam is here for a very special reason.  He's a teacher.  He's going to change so many lives, just by being him.  He's already taught us so much - he's taught us how to love not only him, but all of our children more than we ever knew possible.  He has taught us the importance of taking the time to enjoy even the smallest things in life.  Since he was born, I have so much more patience, because I've learned to stop sweating the small stuff.    For instance, my laundry pile has been about 2 feet deep since he arrived and I couldn't care less.  The laundry will be here tomorrow, right now there's more important things to do - like getting out the playdoh to play!  Sam has taught us acceptance and respect, not only towards him, but towards everyone around us.  He's shown us that difference is the new alike.

I can't wait to watch the impact Sam's life will have on others.

Do you know how many times we've all said or heard the words "everything happens for a reason."  Do you believe it?  I know I do.

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