Monday, April 30, 2012


mo-ment : noun
     a : a minute portion or point of time : an instant 
     b : a comparatively brief period of time : a second

There are moments in everyone's lives that you never, ever forget.

I will never forget the moment I tossed my cap in the air at graduation, or forget the moment I decided to drop out of college.  I'll never forget the moment my phone rang and the voice on the other end said "Hey, this is Kevin."  Nor will I forget the moment I realized Kevin was "the one", and the moment we said I do.  The moment our first daughter was born, and then our second and finally our third,...these are moments that no one can take from me.

More recently, new moments have occurred that I couldn't forget if I tried.  For instance, the moment last summer while Kevin and I were sitting on a picnic table at our favorite public beach, watching our girls splash in the lake, and Kevin nudged me with his shoulder and said "maybe we should try for that boy."  And then the moment a month later when two blue lines showed up on the magic stick.  And then one of the greatest moments we've ever experienced was when the ultrasound tech said "well, this one's a boy."

And then there's the moment Sam opened his eyes for the first time and we realized we had a very special baby on our hands.  As scary as that moment seemed then, now it's a moment we've tucked away in our "special memories".

A moment is so short, but can have so much impact on a life.

It's so hard to believe that Sam is already one month old!  He'll have been with us for 2,592,000 "moments" as of 12:08 today.  (assuming a moment is about a second in length.)  We've had some really great moments, some really scary moments, some sad, some happy, some angry and some beautiful moments.  All of these moments have been a part of the healing process for us.  And we're getting there, we are healing.

It seems like I spend a lot of time trying to convince myself that everything is ok, and that everything will be fine.  I suppose I am.  I wonder what else I would do?  Right now, everything is ok, everything is fine.  In this very moment, Sam is on the living room floor kicking and keeping a close eye on his sisters.  In this very moment, we are a normal family - one happy, healthy family.

There may be a whopping 86,400 moments in a day, and that may seem like a lot.  At any moment, you might put off reading a book to your kiddos, or wait until later to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.  You might take a beautiful moment for granted because you know there are so many more moments yet to come.  Every moment is precious, be it good or bad - it's a part of who we are.  Make a promise to yourself...and enjoy every single moment.  Each one is precious and irreplaceable.

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  1. your writing skills continue to amaze me amanda. keep the updates coming, we all thoroughly enjoy reading them.