Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heavy Hearts

As Sam finished the last drops of his bottle tonight, Kevin came over and scooped him from my arms.  I thought that he was just being nice - I'm sure he could see how much work needed to be done around the house and holding the baby so I could get the work done is more his style than washing the dishes himself.  I got a load of laundry done, dishes washed and the floors swept and I brought an armload of toys into the living room to put away.  And as I did so, this is the story Kevin shared with me:

"Today at work, JimBob and Harvey (I've changed the names of the people involved to protect them...although I feel they don't even deserve protecting at this point) were talking about a piece of property that is for sale right behind Hank's house and JimBob says to Harvey 'wouldn't it be funny if they built an insane asylum in Hank's backyard and a bunch of RETARDS could sit and stare at Hank?"  At this point, Harvey joins in the boisterous laughter as the joke hangs in the air.  Kevin was standing right there.  Until he walked away of course - and realizing what he'd said JimBob says "I mean RETARDS like criminals."

Wow.  That is ignorance at it's finest there folks.

To think, just before these statements were made, these men were friends.  These men were people that both Kevin and myself respected and we believed they respected us. 

I realize that our tongues slip from time to time, and we all say things we wish a hundred times over that we could take back.  I just wish, I pray, that people would think before they speak.  And I'm not just talking about what they say to us or about us - this goes across the board.  Respect is something that we earn of and from each other, and unfortunately, not everyone deserves or earns the respect they wish to have.  Respect, I believe, is earned through our words, our actions and the way that we treat others.  

While Kevin added a few *bleep bleep bleeps* about his feelings towards these men at this point, I added that I hope that people like them open their eyes and hearts when they get to know Sam, if they're ever given the wonderful opportunity to know him. 

And if you JimBob, or Harvey, are reading this - I want you to know that what you did to my husband was hurtful and I fully believe you should apologize to him.  He's lost respect in both of you for what you said today and it's a shame.  I hope that before you say something so completely inconsiderate again, you'll stop and catch your tongue.

Hey, I'd be pissed too.
Think before you speak - it really is that simple.  And please, before you use the word RETARD as a slang for 'criminals' of all things, go grab yourself a flipping dictionary and do your homework.

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