Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Times are Flying

September is here.  The air is still hot, but the leaves are falling like it's October at our house.  The seasons are once again changing, and it's just a gentle reminder of how quickly time is flying by.  We sang happy birthday to Sam last Thursday in honor of is "5 month birthday".  Where have these five months gone?

Sam is changing so quickly.  Every day he is stronger, every day he is more alert and active.  We had him in for his four month checkup a couple weeks ago, and he was 16lbs and 26 3/4 inches long.  He was in the 50th percentile for weight and the 90th for height.

We've been on a little break from therapy but are looking forward to that beginning again this upcoming week.  He will see his teacher and his occupational therapist once a week.  Up until this point, Sam has done nearly everything we've asked of him and expected of him.  I worry that when we start this fall with therapy again, it will be more work for him and that we will begin to expect more of him.  I'm so very scared for the day that he's unable to do what we ask him to do.  I have to remind myself that Sam is in charge of the pace, and whether that pace is quick or pokey, it's ok.  He will accomplish each skill and reach each milestone like every other child, just at a different pace.

I've been doing a little "end of summer" cleaning around here.  I came across a huge stack of cards and well wishes from friends and family that we received after Sam was born.  I don't know about you, but I can't keep all the cards we receive.  Can you imagine?  You'd need a semi-trailer parked in your backyard to store them, along with all the extra papers that come home with the kids, and other things that we think we ought to save but really don't have room for.  So, I have a rule of thumb around here.  I keep the cards that have personal messages in them, and scrapbook them or tuck them safely into each kids keepsake boxes.  In Sam's case, there were some cards that had very kind words from very kind people in our lives.  I sat down the other day to sort through all the cards and to read the messages in each one.  I'm not sure why I thought I could do that without feeling a flood of emotions, but I did.  On tough, discouraging days, these messages bring us hope:

"Congratulations on the birth of this beautiful gift from God!"
"What wonderful news you bring!"
"Congrats on the new addition to the family!  He has so many new people to love him!"
"Welcome to the family Samuel Jon!  So glad he is here to love and celebrate his life!"
"Congratulations on your precious baby boy!  What a blessing!"
"Sam-you are a very special little guy!  You are so lucky to have such special loving parents and 3 adorable big sisters who will love you always.  We are so happy to have you in our family!"
"To Sam and family - God enriches our lives with children."
"Sam - so happy to meet you!  You are an amazing baby boy - I see great things happening for you and because of you!"
"Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy.  'Samuel' means 'gift from God'"
"Wishing you much love and God's blessings on your family.  Samuel is a beautiful gift and completes your group.  The girls are awesome sisters and we love your family dearly!"
"Welcome Sam!  We have been waiting and praying for your arrival!  God loves you and so do I"
"Congratulations on your new son!  Samuel is one special person to be born into a wonderful family as yours.  Life is so precious, enjoy him abundantly."

That last one also included the following verse:  "Jer. 29-11 I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  This verse has become a bit of a theme verse for me.  In fact, in the bottom of my purse as we speak, there is a smooth white rock that has Sam's name written on it along with the first phrase of this verse.  It comes with me everywhere I go, and each time I go in search of my chapstick, I bump into it and my heart smiles just a bit.

Yes, time is flying.  We say all the time to ourselves and to each other to not take a single day for granted, to stop sweating the small stuff and to enjoy each day like it might be our last.  All of these things are easier said than done as we fly through each day in such a hurry from one thing to the next, as we  worry about the laundry and housework and as we forget to stop and smell the roses.   I myself am as guilty at the next person when it comes to all of these things.  I need to slow down and take more time to enjoy my children, to appreciate everything in my life.

In fact, just yesterday as I was feeding Sam, him and I were enjoying some peace and quiet in the downstairs of our house.  Upstairs, the girls were supposed to be cleaning their room and the play room.  Anyone who knows these girls knows that a task like that could never be completed without at least a small amount of bickering.  And of course, before we knew it, they were yelling orders at each other and complaining about who was doing more than their share of cleaning.  I really needed them to get those rooms clean, the mess was really getting under my skin.  I can only take so much of the arguing before I myself chime in and remind them what they should be doing, and to stop yelling and arguing with each other.  Funny thing, they didn't hear me the first time.  So, I yelled a little louder.  Believe it or not, I still was not heard - so I  hollared.  At this point, Sam started kicking his little legs on my lap and cranked his head around to look at me and his eyes very clearly said to me: "mom, chill.  It's not a big deal, don't sweat it."  And then he went back to his bottle.

He may not be able to talk or communicate with us yet, but his messages to me are very clear.  "Slow down mom, take it a day at a time, and stop worrying about the little things.  Enjoy this, enjoy me, enjoy my sisters - time is flying mom."

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