Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cooled Off

So, we've had a little time to cool off over the whole use of the "R" word thing.  You see, we do realize that the joke was not directed at Sam, or even directed at people with Down syndrome.  It was just poor use of a word that is all too often used improperly.  Unfortunately, this happens all the time.  Kevin and I have both experienced it much too frequently in the past several months.

Joking about "retards", "mongoloids" and "idiots" or using these terms to name call, is not only hurtful, it's incredibly disrespectful.  Not one person on this earth is without fault or imperfection, and one should take that into consideration before choosing hurtful words.

After our tempers were heated though, we were asked by a few of our family and friends - "at what point do you just let it go, knowing that it's not directed at Sam?"

The answer for us is simple: never.

We became Sam's parents when he entered this world, and we also became advocates for Sam and for millions of special needs individuals.  If we can open eyes, one person at a time, we'll have done our job.  The use of the "R" word, is too often used as a demeaning and degrading term, but by helping people understand how demeaning and degrading it is to families like ours, perhaps we can eliminate the word altogether.

As I said before, our tongues all slip from time to time and we all say things that can be hurtful towards others.  I know that I have changed the way I think.  I want to change the way others think too.  Words can have such a huge impact on the people around us.  I will show you that Sam's life is valuable, and you will grow to admire his accomplishments, and hopefully you'll completely stop using degrading language when speaking of others.

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